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What Do You Know!

Back then, after they and Garp ended the era of Lox, all kinds of pirates were surging. During that time, the most famous was not Edward Newgate.

But the Golden Lion!

During those days, they had encountered the Flying Pirates countless times and were very familiar with Golden Lion.

Not to mention the strength of the attack, just from the divine power, it was definitely Golden Lion’s attack!

But why this young man?

Reilly looked at Kuro in his Marine cape and felt a bitterness in his mouth.

“Did you choose a Marine? Shiki…”

That man actually cultivated a Marine. It was really unbelievable.

“Ah ah ah!”

Suddenly, Luffy’s scream came from not far away.

His companions had all disappeared after being patted by the bear.

“Sa, should I catch you?”

Kizaru touched his chin and looked at Rayleigh with interest.

This is a good opportunity.

Rayleigh obviously wants to protect Straw Hat, otherwise he would have escaped long ago, then…

Kizaru turned into a ray of light and directly refracted to the side of Big Bear, who was about to slap Luffy and stood in front of Big Bear.


Reilly and Kuro spoke at the same time.


Reilly looked at Kuro. He said that it was bad because you were in front of him and he couldn’t get out of the way. Why did you say it was bad?

Of course, Kuro also felt bad. After stabbing Rayleigh, his anger was gradually wearing off.

Most of all, he had not forgotten his original purpose.

Being sent flying by a bear was his goal.

Kizaru looked at Bear curiously and asked, “What do you want to do, Bartholomew Bear, are you going to betray our Marine?”

Bear paused and said softly, “I am not your subordinate. We can do whatever we want.”

Shichibukai is not a subordinate agency of Marine, but a direct agency of the World Government. Without government orders, they have reason not to cooperate with Marine.

Hearing this, Kizaru dragged his voice in surprise, “Oh, but this incident is not small. It concerns tenryubito. If you do this, I will report it.”

Bear was silent for a while, then said, “Don’t get in the way.”

“That won’t do.”

Kizaru looked back at Luffy who was lying on the ground and said:

“As long as he is still here, Hades may not retreat so easily. If we catch Hades, our Marine’s face will be greatly improved.”

Although the probability is not high, what if?

Even if he didn’t, Kizaru wouldn’t care.

At least it gave Kuro a rare opportunity to fight with the strong.

He still remembered that Kuro asked him how to become stronger.

The way to become stronger is naturally one of the options to fight with the strong. At least he can gain some experience.

In Kizaru’s opinion, Kuro’s strength is not bad, but his combat experience with strong people is not enough.

Now was an opportunity.

And Kuro was in a hurry now.

What does the old man want?

Why did he run to the bear?

That’s my seat!

Kuro’s last bit of anger disappeared. He was so anxious that he subconsciously wanted to run over there.

However, Rayleigh was faster than him and a gust of wind whistled in front of Kuro.


Kuro subconsciously blocked it. Autumn Water and the long sword collided, and the blade rubbed against each other.

Reilly held the sword with both hands and smiled. “I seem to understand a little. This scene, although not very advantageous, is a little better than I thought just now. Just block you.”

Shichibukai seems to be fighting against Kizaru.

It was not a situation of three monsters working together.

If he blocked this young Marine, Luffy would have a chance to be saved.

Kuro gritted his teeth and stared at the hateful old man in front of him, thinking of a famous saying from his previous life.

Shaanxi writer Chen Zhongyi once said: You know nothing about hammers.

What do you know!

Kuro roared in his heart.

He held Autumn Water and pushed Rayleigh away. He took a step back and called to Kizaru.

“Old man, let’s deal with someone else. I can’t beat this person!”

Kizaru turned into light and dodged the bear’s attack and appeared nearby. He shot a laser at the bear rushing towards Luffy and said to Kuro:

“It doesn’t matter, just do your best to deal with them. It’s a rare experience to fight with such pirates.”

The laser was blocked by the bear’s palm. The beam bounced off his palm and refracted into the sky and disappeared.

Bear looked at Kizaru, put the book in his hand on his waist, and pulled off the glove on his other hand.

Kizaru looked at his open meatball palm and pouted. “It’s so scary, Shichibukai.”

Kuro was stunned by Kizaru’s words.


‘Experience my ass!’

Isn’t it good for you and this old monster to live here?

Then he went to find the bear and was slapped away.

Then Luffy ran away, so as not to offend Garp.

Everyone was happy.

Wouldn’t it be good to win?!

Don’t you know that this world needs to be shared to be happy!


A cold light cut across his neck.


Kuro raised Autumn Water and blocked Rayleigh’s sword. At that moment, Rayleigh flew a palm at his chest.

Kuro’s eyes narrowed and he also slapped out.


Under the vibration of the air, the two figures pushed each other away.

“Oh? You know this move too.”

Reilly swung his sword and his face relaxed.

Dealing with one and dealing with two are completely different concepts.

“You are really troublesome…”

Kuro hesitated, his face distressed.

This is different from playing Supernova. Kuro is really annoyed now.

There is no end to fighting against such an existence.

Moreover, he might not be able to defeat them.

Even after being slashed, this old thing is still alive and kicking.

It was obvious that his body technique was stronger than his. It was hard to say about his swordsmanship. He would only know if he really fought.

He couldn’t use his ability either. The old man was still here. It would be over if he used it.

Besides, what he wanted was not to win or lose against Rayleigh or use any abilities.

What good could it do to fight him?

Marine defeated the Vice-Captain of the Roger Pirates and became the new generation of ‘Marine Heroes’? People gave him the nickname ‘Little Garp’ or ‘Iron Sword’?

He even announced his name. Crowe’s name can’t be used.

Even more impossible.


Crowe, who was watching the battle, sneezed and then subconsciously hugged his body.

I keep feeling a chill…

“Speaking of which, I want to ask you.”

Reilly had no intention of fighting with Kuro. He just needed to stall him.

“Who did you learn your swordsmanship from?”


Kuro was stunned. He thought for a moment and pointed to the sky. “I went to school with the sky.”

The Unshadowed Divine Wind is brought by transmigration and it is basically the same as what God gave.

“As expected…”

Above the sky is Shiki’s domain.

Sure enough, this is Shiki’s disciple.

This one is Marine. It’s impossible for him to say Shiki’s name. It’s normal to imply that.

Reilly gave him a long look and said, “You actually joined the Marine Corps and became a lackey of the government. Aren’t you afraid that the people who teach you will be ashamed?”

Kuro: “It will be ashamed? It will be strange if it has a face.”

Will God have the face?

Wouldn’t that be human?

Then it rains and it snows…

Kuro shook his head and put this disgusting thought behind him.

He spat out the cigar in his mouth. Kuro raised Autumn Water horizontally and wiped his two fingers on the blade. He said seriously, “Hades Rayleigh, since you are blocking me, you have to be careful.”

These words made Rayleigh’s face turn serious and he smiled. “It just so happens that I also want to see how much you know.”

“Uncharacteristic and romantic…”

Autumn Water’s blade glowed black and gold.

“Profoundity: Black Tortoise!”

A huge Turtle Snake phantom fell around Kuro, and then Kuro ran towards the bear with the Xuanwu phantom.

Do you think I want to fight you to the death?

Actually, I just want to run away with my shield!

You can’t imagine it!

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